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Cards for Good are all printed from original paintings, drawings, etchings or woodcut prints made by me.   All cards are 5 x 7.  They are folded, come with an envelope and are in a protective cellophane sleeve.   The insides are blank, so there is plenty of room for a quick note or a longer message.

The idea for starting Cards for Good was to make art for the benefit of worthy causes, so the profits go to charity.  The charitable focus is on environmental and humanitarian groups. All charities chosen are legitimate 501.c.3. organizations. 

These donations go a long way and come back to us manyfold, and we all benefit.  I hope you agree and will order some for yourself, thus adding more art to your and your friends' lives and creating more good for others.

There is a separate page which lists all organizations benefitted to date with the total amount of gifts made.  Thank you for making this possible!


Cost:  $4.00 each, 4 card minimum internet order, plus tax (Florida only) and 10% to cover shipping and handling. 

Order from the images below.  Image sizes vary here, but all cards are 5 x 7.


Crab Double Crab Lobster Quail
Crab Double Crab Lobster Quail Return

Save the Bees



Mr. Vincey

Save the Bees Something to Quack About Brenda Mr. Vincey


Cowgirl Red Cara Chocolat Newborn

Mr. Vincey's Life as a Rooster

Mr, Vincey's Life as a Rooster

His Eminence

His Eminence



Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch

Miss America

Star Grazing

  Miss America Luna Star Grazing

Question Mark Valentine

Yes! Valentine

Valentine Chocolate

Question Mark Valentine YES! Valentine Valentine Chocolate  
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