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These single-ply cards are perfect for a quick note - a gift of art to your special friends or to frame for yourself.    The profits go to charity, which is the other gift.  The charitable focus is on environmental and humanitarian groups. All charities chosen are legitimate 501.c.3. organizations.

The cards are all made from start to finish by me.  I carve each color plate and print each color seperately, with the ink from one color needing to dry completely before the next color can be printed.  Each resulting card is an original, signed print which comes with an envelope in a cellophane sleeve and a confirmation of its charitable purpose. The following is a video demonstration of how the cards are made.

These donations will go a long way and come back to us manyfold.  I call them Cards for Good.  I hope you agree and will order some for yourself, thus adding more art to your and your friends' lives and creating more good for others.



      Cost:  $4.00 each, 4 card minimum internet order, plus tax (Florida only) and 10% to cover shipping and handling. 

      Each  charitable gift is made in increments of $100.


      Organizations benefited to date:  Total $1,400.

    - global grassroots organization to curb global warming         

             Doctors without Borders - working to save lives worldwide, threatened

               by violence, neglect or catastrophe        

             Sonoma Land Trust, Sonoma County California          

             Slow Money - Bringing money back down to Earth in

               support of sustainable agriculture and small food enterprises.


             Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT), keeping local farmers and ranchers on their land, providing sustainable livlihoods and local, fresh, food in Northern California for the present and future generations.

             Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT), protecting and maintaining Iowa farm land for future generations. (It's a great, gutsy new effort and they are doing amazingly well despite the huge agribusiness presence in that state - think Monsanto.)  Check out their website -

             Seed Matters, Supporting organic seed research, preservation, and

             National Young Farmers Coalition,,Represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success.  This is a modest Mission Statement - check out their website!!!


These donations were raised from sales from people like you!!  Thank you!!

ORDER FROM THE IMAGES BELOW.  If you would prefer to order in person or pay by check, please let me know through the Contact Tab above.


Cow Girls - natural card stock & envelope

Save the Bees - white card stock & envelope.


Cowgirl - white card stock & envelope


Star Grazing - white card stock & envelope

Natural Cara - natural card stock & envelope

Red Cara - white card stock & envelope

White Cara - white card stock & envelope

Chocolat - Natural card stock & envelope

Something to Quack About - White Card stock & envelope

Neko - White Card Stock & Envelope


Luna - White Card Stock & Envelope


Barnyard - White Card Stock & Envelope

Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch - White Card Stock & Envelope

Mr. Vincy

Mr, Vincey's Life as a Rooster - White Card Stock & Envelope

His Eminence

His Eminence - White Card Stock & Envelope


- White Card Stock & Envelope

StruttinStruttin' Her Stuff - White Card Stock & Envelope


Brenda - White Card Stock & Envelope

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