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After almost two years of life events outside of my control, some good, some not so, lots

of re-organizing, I am able to get back to work more steadily.  So there will be more to

see and more to report.  One thing is that I am gearing up Cards for Good again, with

a new format and new images as well as those that were the most popular originally.  The

basic thing is that they are now printed from my work, so printed from originals but not

originals themselves.  Even though I have been side-lined in the last couple of years, I am

happy to report that Cards for Good has generated over $2,000 in charitable gifts since

they began in 2014.  That's a lot of cards - and everyone benefits:  the buyer, the sender,

the receiver, the organization and the cause it serves. Thank you everyone who has been

part of it!! and...what can I say?...Please buy some more!!!


A wonderful curated show at the Belskie Museum in Closter, NJ.



In July of this year, there will be a great group Print and Drawing Show at Prince Street Gallery.

Solo exhibit in Lancaster, PA, opening April 27, and running through May 23





Cards for Good - Present

I have been thinking, maybe too much and for too long, how I could make a shift in the way I work so that my work benefits as many people as possible.  I had many very complicated, grand ideas, which didn't work for one reason or another.   And then I had a very simple idea, which is working very well!  Easy if you just let it happen, but who does that???  Anyway, I started doing woodcuts and decided to make cards and then decided to donate all of the profits (cost minus reasonable expenses) to environmental and humanitarian causes.  That amounts to about half the selling price of each card.  Find out more about it by clicking the Cards for Good tab above and see the images available so far. I've tried to make it as easy as possible to order - feedback welcome!  The cards are doing really well - order some!! It's for you and it's for the greater good and it's working!


August -Sometime in 2015:

The announcement below says it all.  The exciting things about being included in this exhibt is the venues.  First in Santa Monica and later on to Jerusalem.


From May 17 - June 20 I will have the piece below in the Brand 42 National Juried Exhibit at the Brand Library and Art Center in Glendale, CA.  The juror for that show was Jack Rutberg, well-known in the LA art world.

Bull Cinnabar

Image Size 12 x 12

Etching & Chine Collé

From April 4 - 29 the image below was chosen by juror Devraj Dakoji for inclusion in the Robert Blackburn Print Studio Exhange Show in New York.


Image Size 12 x 12

Etching & Aquatint

In January several pieces were in the Essex Gallery in Essex, CT for Art Essex.

2013 - New Imagery

I have been splitting my living time between New York and northern California for some time now, which has resulted in a new body of work.  There is a lot of very exciting work being done in my area of California to preserve land, not only the spectacular coast, but also a lot of agricultural and ranch land.  There is also a tremendous interest in organic and sustainable farming, which I find very exciting.  As you will see my point of view has become more earthy as a result, not only celebrating but supporting the work being done by a growing body of people, who are working hard, bringing healthy food not only to consumers, schools and food banks, but also working to restore and maintain the health of the land itself. I'm happy that this movement is being as passionately supported in other parts of the country as it is here. 


I was invited to do a  two-person show at Cleveland Community College in Shelby, N.C.  As I was invited by the printmaking teacher, I decided to have a show of only etchings.  I exhibited about 20 pieces in a beautiful gallery, along with a landscape painter in another part of the space. I think the best part of the experience for me was being invited to teach a workshop to the printmaking students one afternoon.  As usual there wasn't enough time, since everyone got so involved and into it, but we all had a great time.  And the students produced some excellent work just in the short time they had for trying some new techniques, teaching me a few things by their bold experimenting and enthusiasm.



May 31, 2012:




Some Photos from my opening, May 24, 2012, Prince Street Gallery:







May 22 - June 16, 2012

Solo exhibit at Prince Street Gallery in New York City.  The opening was May 24, 6-8 pm.  There are 40 pieces in the show, all work done within the last three years.

There will be a reading by Theasa Touhy at the gallery, in conjunction with my exhibit, on Thursday, May 31, from

6 - 8.  Theasa will be reading from her new novel, Five O'Clock Follies, which will be coming out in October.

March 14 - 17, 2012

Attended the Southern Graphics Printmakers Council Annual Conference, in New Orleans, where I was a mentor

to young printmakers, who are looking for gallery representaion.  Always a fun event, made more fun by being able to participate.

January 25, 2012

I will have a piece in the Winter Thoughts exhibit at Prince Street Gallery, 450 West 25th St., New York City from January 31-February 25.  The image, Tide Wash, is below:

Tide Wash

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Paper

15 x 15 paper size

25 x 25 framed size